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I have come to find that writing helps me master the subject better; it brings strucutre to the chaos of my thoughts and eventually turns the knowledge into memory.


Frère d'âme

En manque de littérature française, je suis parti a la recherche de la perle rare; je suis tombé, un peu par hasard, sur le roman, Frère d'âme de David Diop, bien mis en lumière sur les rayons de la FNAC, comme ayant reçu le prix Goncourt des lycéens 2018.

Evidemment (France Gall) By elevysi | 04 July 2019

Evidemment (France Gall)

I will always be amazed by the power of words; you use the right ones when suited and the outcome can be astonishingly wonderful.

Social Life Style

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

My Review of the book Born a Crime By Trevor Noah. As a fellow african, I always have been amazed by Trevor Noah. When I see him on TV, he appears to be funny, progressive and very much liked by the US. If you have grown up like me, this is kind of a big deal; he made it to where a kid like me would have dreamed of landing.